56 Peg Short Fixed 0 Extra Fine Gauge Loom

US 1-2,
UK/AU 1-3 Ply
7-8 sts per inch

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Sales price: $31.95

This short fixed loom is an extra fine gauge with 56 pegs.  Even smaller than our Fixed 1 loom.  This loom is different than our others looms as it only has pegs, no pins!  Pegs are the turned compact style and set at 3/16" from center to center.  This loom gauge matches the gauge of the former DA EFG Sock Loom.  You can get an average of 7-8 stitches per 1" on this loom!


Thursday, 06 June 2013
This will be a excellent addition to the Kiss Looms. Fantastic job to Kelly Jones and her Dad what a way to carry on Cliffs legacy rnof these truly magnificent looms. Cliff knew his choice was the right choice when he asked you and your Dad to take over his business. rnThere would be no need for him to look over your shoulders to make sure the craftsmanship and work would meet his expectations, but rnwhen you do feel ( as I often do ) that warm ray of light on your shoulders it will be Cliff looking over with true admiration of rnyour accomplishments with his legacy.