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Double Knitting

All of our 2 way adjustable looms can be used for double knitting (where the front and back of the fabric are identical and the fabric is twice as thick).  Double knitting is done by removing the pin boards entirely and only using the peg boards and either washers or the 1 peg ends as spacers.  This setup will work like the commercial long looms but have a lot more stability as well as gauge variation.

The modular looms can also be used for double knitting.  To do this you will also need our modular double knit kit.  I recommend using longer modulars instead of bracketing smaller ones for this.  Remove the pin boards as mentioned above and use the double knit kit with brackets to space the peg boards apart.  See the How to Assemble Kiss Modular Looms tutorial page 9 for more information on setup.

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