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I Like to Make Small Projects - Scarves, Hats, Slippers

Small projects can be made on all of our looms.  The short looms and 11" long looms are great for small projects.  You can always add bigger ends on the short looms for larger projects as well.  Just remember you can knit on the looms in the round or as a flat panel using any number of pegs.  If you are knitting flat panels, all of our looms can be used as single rake looms.  For instance on our 2 way adjustable looms we provide you with a package of shorter nuts and bolts so that you can use each side of the loom independently from each other.  These nuts and bolts are also needed for the sides when using the end pairs with the looms. 

For hats using sport to worsted weight yarn you will need 72 pegs for an average adult hat, 54 pegs for kids hats, 48 pegs for baby hats, and 42 pegs for newborn hats.  Our 2 way adjustable looms can knit any size tube in the round by moving the end pair sliders back and forth across the sides to change the number of pegs to knit.  Our regular peg modular loom has a hat combo that includes the necessary boards to attach in different combinations to make infant through adult sized hats.  Bulky weight yarn adult hats can be made on the Dragon using approximately 36 pegs.

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