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60 Peg Small Gauge 2-Way Adjustable Loom

US 3-6,
UK/AU 4-12 Ply, DK
3/8” - 3/4"
4.5- 4 sts per inch

Base price with tax:
Salesprice with discount:
Sales price: $45.95

This Small Gauge Loom has 60 pegs and is 11" long.  The loom comes with 1 peg sliders for each end but you can also add the 7, 16 and 31 peg ends to the slim loom to make it longer.  The Small Gauge can be set up in the round, as two single rakes or as a double rake loom.

When changing gauge make sure to hang washers on the center pin on the side of the pin board as well as hanging washers on the bolts. 




Loom pictured with 7 and 31 peg ends.



If you use the small gauge loom with 0 washers you will get an average of 4.5 st per inch with worsted weight yarn.  If you add washers you will get a slightly larger panel.

Small gauge 30 peg loom (30 pegs total) – approx 6“ panel
Small gauge 30 peg loom with 31 peg ends (90 total pegs) – approx 20” panel
Small gauge 60 peg loom (60 total pegs) - approx 13" panel
Small gauge 60 peg loom with 31 peg ends (120 total pegs) - approx 26" panel
Small gauge 77 peg loom with 7 peg ends (168 total pegs) - approx 37" panel
Small gauge 77 peg loom with 31 peg ends (216 total pegs) - approx 48" panel

Here are some examples of projects done on this new small gauge loom:

alt     alt   alt     alt


Thursday, 07 November 2013
I love my compact kiss loom! It's gauge comes very close european needle size 5, so it's easy to find yarn for it. The finished pieces always come out beautiful. Even stitches, easy knitting. Nothing bad to say here.
Tamara van Haarlem
Sunday, 06 January 2013
I received this loom on Friday. I put down my knitting board loom and picked this one up to play with it. I am so impressed! I love the stitches you can make! I also am really impressed with the workmanship of each loom. It is awesome! I know I will be getting more! Thanks so much Kelly!
Barbara Schildknecht