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Loom Lap Stand

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Introducing the new Kiss Loom Lap Stand!  The perfect addition to your knitting loom collection. 

altThe stand sits 11" high and holds your loom so that you have both hands free to hold your yarn and pick.  Perfect for sitting on the couch or a chair.  Just knit the side facing you then lift the loom up and turn!  The square part tilts forward and backward to give you the ability to set it to your most comfortable knitting position. The stand is especially good for those with physical limitations that may need extra help holding the loom so that they can knit.

There is 13 3/4" between the legs at the smallest setting and approximately 22" at the widest setting. The stand sits 11" high (measured from the bottom of the legs to the bottom of the dowel rod).  If you are interested in a wider or taller stand please email altus, we'd be happy to accommodate your needs.

We have put together a list of what looms will work on the stand and which ones will not so that you can know if your looms will fit. 

To see the list of what looms work on the stand - click here. 

For assembly instructions - click here.

Click here to take a look at a video of the stand in use.

For any questions email

Loom Stand Kit includes frame, slats, yarn guide and all mounting hardware (4 "L" brackets, screws and 4 U-bolts).




Friday, 06 January 2017
I love LOVE my lap stand!! I have looked for almost a year making over 100 items with other Looms. Since receiving my KISS Loom and lap stand I can't imagine loom knitting without my lap stand! It is so much easier with both hands free. Thank you for creating this wonderful handy lap stand!
Saturday, 28 November 2015
I purchased this Loom Lap Stand as I have a very hard time holding my kiss looms in my hard once the item gets longer or for any length of time. My hands don't get tore anymore and I have sat and loomed on it for over 6 hours at one time!! I use it mostly in my recliner but I have even took it on road trips and oh my goodness is this ever the greatest to have. It's so easy to adjust it to the different widths of were I'm sitting. And oh I can't say enough on how I love how I can tilt it to whatever angle I want! This is worth every cent and more! It's even very light in weight! I thank the Kiss family for inventing such a useful tool!! Big hugs to all of you!!
Bonnie Visser
Monday, 13 August 2012
I got to use the stand at the Tulsa show when Cliff and Kelly were selling KISS looms and doing classes. It holds the loom so well. The picture doesn't do it justice. It is high quality and so adjustable. You can turn the loom so easily in the stand and have the working side toward you all the time. It lets you put the loom close to you or further away. I love how the notches make it so easy. When knitting with it on a table it kept the loom so still and made it hands free to work the stitches. Great job.I didn't have a chair there that I could try to hold it in my lap but I'm certain it will make looming much easier while sitting down in a chair or at a table.
Jeannette Pirkle
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