40 Peg Straight Loom


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The Kiss 40 Peg Straight Loom is a regular gauge loom perfect for worsted weight up to super bulky weight yarn.  It is gauge adjustable by adding washers between the peg and pin boards.  The regular gauge will give you 4-3.25 stitches per inch depending on the amount of washers added.  It is less than 17" long and weighs less than a pound.

Our straight looms are a single rake loom that can be used for flat panel knitting.  Add the optional peg board for double rake knitting or choose 2 looms and add end pairs to give you more pegs for larger projects.  All Regular Gauge looms can mix and match sides and end pairs for any peg count combination.  Click on one of the boxes below to explore our Regular Gauge Straight loom options.


Wednesday, 19 January 2011
I was so excited when I received my KISS Loom in the mail along with the optional 40 peg rack. It takes a little time to get use to the size, but once you do it is wonderful. It makes the most beautiful flat panels and I love the fact that you can make small tight stitches or large lacy stitches depending on how far apart you place your pegs and pins. I'm so glad I invested a little extra money. It was well worth it! Thank you for such a wonderful product.
Barbara Bailey