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Testimonials - Kiss Looms


I stumbled upon Kiss Looms whilst trying to knit a dress for our granddaughter with some knitting looms I had bought online. The whole project had me confused as no matter what I did I couldn't make the gauge fit. So I searched online and found Kiss Looms and Kelly.  Kelly couldn't do enough to help me although I live in the UK and before long I was watching for a parcel. When it arrived I set my Kiss Loom up and never looked back.  Kiss Looms have a wonderful range to cover everything. The knitting is amazing as it is easy to do and comes out so even. My favorite has to be the small gauge as it is so versatile. I have made assorted items from adult and children's dresses and sweaters to toys, games, hats and bags and even jewelry.  Kiss Looms is one big family and when you buy a Kiss Loom you become part of it having friends all over the world who will jump to help you as soon as you ask.   Happy Kiss Looming! – Ruth


Just a quick question. Has KISS looming ruined anyone else for using other looms? I have a afghan started on a different loom and am having to force myself to work on it..and it is supposed to be a Christmas gift. -- Susan

Absolutely! It is much easier to knit on a Kiss, and the stitches are perfect. Why go back? -- Joann



Some great news, my kiss peg rails have been shipped by the fantastic Jones Family.  They are the greatest, nothing is to much trouble for them.  So glad I changed to kiss looms.  They are the best!  Try the rest and then get the best, you will never be sorry! -- Sandy


I have many different types of looms but as time went on I stumbled upon Kiss Looms! Oh my goodness, there is so many options with just 1 loom!! There are videos on YouTube about them that you can learn how to adjust them, and there is no dumb pegs to worry about either!! If I could start all over I would of never invested into all those other looms!! -- Bonnie


I love my Kiss Looms! There is nothing like them. They are so versatile and useful, that even though I own several different brands of looms, I usually have my projects on my Kiss Looms. I mean, having a Kiss Loom is like having a whole set of interchangeable knitting needles at your fingertips. And since I can use the continuous u-stitch and the continuous purl stitch, I find myself finishing projects much faster than using a regular peg loom. The resulting fabric's stitches are much more even, as well. The design helps you maintain a consistent tension. These are a MUST for any loom knitter! -- Robin McCoy


I love my KISS Looms. They are the most versatile looms I have found. Since I got my KISS loom I haven’t used another loom. Compared to other brands the wrapping and knitting off are much faster and easier. Being able to work with different weight yarns on the same loom is great. The looms are easy to assemble. When you purchase a KISS you always get fast, excellent service. –- Angela


My favorite knitting looms are Kiss adjustable knitting looms. I like these looms because they are adjustable and you don't have to buy different looms to get different gauges.  They are well made and very versatile.  Also Cliff and Graciela who is involved in the Kiss loom group are very happy and fast about answering any questions you have. -- Karol, Michigan


I always get excited when I talk about Kiss-Looms because they are a work of art and produce extraordinary pieces. I have been using the Kiss-Looms for a little over a year now and have several modular looms, the sock loom and now several of the 2wayadj looms. Out of the many looms I have the Kiss is my favorite. I have never been able to knit ‘properly’ with two needles so I gave up trying many years ago. When I found looms on the Internet, they worked OK but still seemed like something was missing. It still didn’t quite feel or look quite like “hand knitting”. I had some hand spun yarn that I made and wanted to knit gifts for family and friends with it. Then I found The Kiss-Looms. WOW!! Everything I wanted and more. -- Andrea, Central Florida


It's not my skill, it's the loom - sometimes I like to just sit and look at the fabric that comes out. It is so beautiful! The stitches are so even. The ribbing is so nice too. I've been needle knitting for almost 50 years and I can't do anything that nice. It's amazing. I just love to look at the texture, the consistency ... it's just so pretty. -- Kathi


I'm Julia and a loom knitter for about 5 years. I have used looms like the KK, Markman Farms, DA, and CinWood, and it looks like I saved the best for last. I had seen the KISS loom website a few years ago but didn't think I would be able to use it. However, when I received my first KISS loom a couple months ago, to my surprise, I started a hat in the afternoon and finished it that evening with no problem. Then, I did have some of the minor problems that most beginners have, like multiple loops on a pin preventing fabric to flow. But now I think I've gotten through the learning curve and am ready for more challenging projects. --Julia


I am so in love with my new Kiss loom! I have a couple projects that are almost complete and will post pics soon. So far I have used my Small Gauge Compact Slim 2-Way Adjustable as a double knitting board and a one sided rake. The ability to do a smaller guage has been amazing and I can't wait to do more projects on this loom. Thanks for offering such a versatile product! I may be ordering a second one very soon so that I can have more than one WIP lol!  -- Kim Jones


You guys rock!  I received my loom and keychain today and I have been in heaven. Thank you so much!  The loom is awesome.  I have started a Christmas baby cocoon for the Pine Ridge baby project and it's coming out beautiful!  I love the small gauge.

Thank you again and again and again.  I've said it before and I will say it again, I will never use anything but Kiss ever again.  The product is exceptional and the people behind it are awesome!

...everything is easier and faster using the KISS. - Kendall

Well guess who was waiting at my door when I got home from work!  That's right, Lil Slim.  I threw dinner in the oven, took care of my mother and starting getting to know him.  I AM IN LOVE!  Geesh, I wish I would have started out with KISS when I was learning.  I wasted so much money on looms that I will not use anymore.  I absolutely love the KISS. - Kendall


Your design is incredible! I wasn't even able to knit on a KK loom. It was just too hard on my arthritic fingers. But with my F2, I have no pain at all no matter how long I knit. I haven't been able to knit for years and now I can again. I'm thrilled. I think it's been nearly ten years since I was able to knit so you can probably imagine how excited I am to have this in my life again. - Linda