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We know the Kiss Looms are very different from other looms on the market, so we want to take this opportunity to help explain them so that you will know what loom is best for you.

First let's talk about what makes our looms different. Most of our looms (excluding the fine gauge fixed looms and the double rakes) are gauge adjustable. In other words – by using the included washers you can set your loom up so that you can knit in several different gauges!

It has long been thought that the only way to change the gauge of a single side loom was to change the spacing of the pegs. The Kiss loom has changed that! The gauge of a loom should only be referred to by the stitches it produces, not by how it is made. Gauge should be referenced by the number of stitches and rows per inch on the knitted fabric.

Our looms were designed with the Kiss principal in mind. Keep it simple! Our looms allow you to change your gauge for any project, while still using the same loom.

Gauge is set by changing how much yarn is used for each stitch.

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This is a great demo video that explains how our peg and pin system works.

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Product Categories

image DRAGON - Large Gauge Perfect for bulky yarn or double stranded worsted weight yarn
image MODULAR LOOMS A modular loom is like a build your own loom. Every piece connects together.
image STRAIGHT LOOMS Our straight looms are a single rake loom that can be used for flat panel knitting.
image 2-WAY ADJUSTABLE The looms are adjustable by gauge as well as peg count.
image FINE GAUGE Perfect for fingering or sock weight yarns.

What You Need to Know

Production Time
Kiss Looms are hand-made to order to insure the best quality for each of our customers. Packages are shipped via Priority Mail and should ship within 7-14 business days.
All Products are Made in the USA
All Kiss Looms are proudly hand-made in the USA. We are a family owned and run business.
To Place an International Order
We love serving our International customers! If you'd like to place an order please email us so we can provide you with a shipping quote.

Kiss Love

  • Some great news, my kiss peg rails have been shipped by the fantastic Jones Family. They are the greatest, nothing is to much trouble for them. So glad I changed to kiss looms. They are the best! Try the rest and then get the best, you will never be sorry! -- Sandy
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Heirloom Edition

The Kiss Heirloom Edition is a limited edition line of looms made out of specialty woods.  These looms will be available in August each year for a limited time only.  A portion of the sales from the Heirloom Edition looms goes to help support Mercy House Kenya.

Support and Questions

Any questions? Not sure what loom to get? We love helping you with suggestions.

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