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While all of our looms work in the same way we are dividing the videos and written tutorials up into the style of loom used so that you can easily find and see the information you are looking for.  There are also video pages showing cast on's and bind off's on various looms, but the wrapping is identical no matter which loom you are using.

If there is a technique-specific video you'd like to see please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Regular Peg Modular Kiss Loom - includes the 6 peg modular or any other sizes of modular looms.

Regular Peg Adjustable Kiss Loom - these are regular 2-way adjustable slim looms.

Small Gauge Compact Peg Adjustable Kiss Loom - these are the turned peg small gauge 2-way adjustable slim looms and the 20 peg small gauge modular looms.

Fixed 1 & 2 Kiss Looms - these are fixed fine gauge sock looms with pegs and pins on the same board.

Fixed 0 Kiss Looms - these are extra fine gauge looms with pegs only. 

Basic Tips & Techniques - videos that include a variety of looms with various tips and techniques.  Really great video selection!

Classic Kiss Videos/pdf instructions - these are older videos from the original tutorials page.

Cast On's - cast on techniques shown on various looms.

Bind Off's - bind off techniques shown on various looms.

Weaving Looms - videos for triangles and rectangles.

How do the Pins Work? -We often get questions about how our pins work and how the fabric can flow down.  I hope this video helps you!


For additional videos please visit:

The Answer Lady- Our own Kathryn Doubrley presents us with lots of videos on various looms with different stitches and techniques, including a few loom a long videos.

The Vintage Storehouse - loom knitting stitchionary!  Lots of videos with different stitch patterns.