40 Peg Short Fixed 2 Fine Gauge Loom

US 1-3,
UK/AU 2-4, 8 Ply
5-6 sts per inch
Base price with tax
Salesprice with discount
Sales price $28.95

This 40 peg short Fixed 2 loom has 3 peg adjustable sliders on each end to change to the number of pegs for knitting in the round.  This loom is about 7" long.  Great for use with light weight yarn to make socks or lace projects.  This short sock loom will make infant - children's sized socks and slippers. 

We also have available 7, 16 and 35 peg ends for those that prefer a larger opening in the center of their looms or just need more pegs for their projects. Remember fine gauge looms can be used for more than just socks! Consider doing lace work on these. The possibilities are endless!

You can take a look at our sock worksheet by Robin McCoy - it will give you instructions on how to make the perfect fitting sock for your foot!  Click here!!!


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